Doug Harbord

Hey It’s Doug Harbord here and I take care of the facilities and the 40 acres of property. Ever change a tire on a moving car? That pretty much describes my days of attempting to keep this machine running 😊
I am not a native Texan but have grown to love this state after 29 years. Originally from Southern California and came to Texas via 10 years in Alabama. I also lived in northern Italy when I was toddler. Crossroads became our home after searching for a “personable church” in the late 90’s and we have been here ever since.
My awesome wife of 40 years and I have 4 kids all close by and from them we get to enjoy 9 Grandkids from 1-16 years old. Their sports, music, dancing and acting events are always on our calendar to cheer on.
I’m an avid car builder with never enough time to dedicate to my projects. For fun I’ve been a percussionist for 50 years and have played on the worship team here  for 20+ years.
Diversity is the key to my role here. Each day is filled with completely different problems to solve - IT  to toilets, wild animals to HVAC, Mowing equipment to volunteer help. Bored I am NOT.