Cara Martens

I grew up an Air Force kid, moving often. Each time with the house still full of boxes, we’d set out that first Sunday to find a new church home. What I remember most from those churches were the people. The God-loving people that took time to get to know me, to laugh with me, to ask about my week and to pray for me.

I went to college at OU (Boomer Sooner!) majoring in education and met my husband there through the Baptist Student Union. Kevin is actually from this area, growing up in Highland Village and graduating from Marcus. My oldest recently graduated from Marcus and my daughter will be attending there this year too! For the last 20 years we’ve lived here locally in Lewisville and Flower Mound. It’s truly home for us and our 3 children, with both sets of grandparents living nearby and actively involved in our lives. It’s a blessing we don’t take for granted.

I’ve spent 10 years teaching in a variety of settings from elementary to special education as well as middle school and gifted/talented. But I’ve also spent more than 10 years working at local churches and with a non-profit called Orange helping to create curriculum and resources-- to do everything I can-- to help the next generation love Jesus and lead others to do the same. To start a conversation with me, ask about the latest book I’ve read, my love of Dr. Pepper or my Goldendoodle.

I started talking with Charlie to help him find a new children’s pastor several years ago. The more we met, the more I thought what an incredible opportunity it was. (And the commute since I live in Bridlewood can’t be beat!) The first time I sat down in service another mom approached me who had a child in my youngest’s class. She made me feel so welcome. A few weeks later, a committed volunteer showed me around the building and I was struck by how passionate she and the others I met were about kids min. I knew then that I wanted to join this staff and be part of this close-knit church family.

My goal for CBC is that we make this mission of growing children’s faith and sending them out into the world to be a light personal. I want us to lean into families to encourage them and help them find natural opportunities to deepen their child’s faith all week long. I’ll be the one on the side, highly caffeinated, cheering us all on!