Andy Zapata

A child of two worlds, I was born in Houston to an opera-trained, voice teacher from North Carolina and a petrochemical engineer from Peru. I called Plano, Texas home for most of my childhood where I was constantly surrounded by music. An auto-didact, I picked up guitar and keys which I played in bands around DFW.

My first experience with Crossroads was a monthly worship service for middle schoolers for which I led the music at the request of a then-roommate of mine, Charlie. Years later, I got a call about interviewing for the Pastor of Worship position, and long story short, I’ve been a part of the family ever since.

Crossroads is a place where God’s beauty is displayed through a family of believers of all ages who worship Him with their lives as well as their lips. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Each week, we lift high His name and that I get to play a part is a true privilege.

Trivia! - I spent 7 years at 3 colleges where I majored in Physics, German, Biology, and then Biblical Studies before I dropped out to found what would become an IT Company with a friend. I speak German and lived in Germany for around 7 months. My wife, Jaime, sings with me on our worship team and we are blessed to have three children. If you hear something that sounds like gibberish, it’s German and no, we’re not angry. That’s just how it sounds.

People were made to worship. We jump to our feet, throw our hands in the air, and yell when our team scores. We dance and sing at the top of our lungs to songs we know at concerts. These are acts of worship. We can’t help it because that’s what we were made to do! My goal for CBC is that we turn our eyes upon Jesus and worship Him because He truly is worthy of all praise.