We believe worship is our response to God’s character and goodness. Our goal as a CBC worship team is to use our musical talents to make people aware of God’s nearness, goodness, and character – pointing people to Him through service.

Worship is our response to God’s goodness...

5 Phrases

As a worship team, we use phrases to remind us of our vision. It keeps us grounded and unified.  If you're around us for very long - you will hear the phrases driving our vision. 

  •   Worship is our response to God’s character and goodness
  •   Worship is a life lived, not a song sung
  •    We want to be line leaders, not sign posts
  •    We believe in worship as service
  •    Worship is empowered by the Holy Spirit

Be part of the Team

It is a privilege, not a right, to be able to serve the body in any capacity, and music is no exception. While there are countless musical styles, each glorifying to God, Crossroads Bible Church practices a modern style of worship. Each Sunday, our band is comprised primarily of:

-       2-3 singers, at least one man and one woman

-       acoustic and electric guitars

-       bass guitar

-       keyboards

-       drums

We strive for excellence in all things and believe the best way to find a good fit for our worship team is through auditions. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and set up a time to play with the team. If you are interested, shoot an email to