Trey Pomroy

Director of Communications


I grew up at Crossroads, literally. My parents started attending the year before I was born. It’s really the only church home I’ve ever known. I’m a huge sports fan, especially baseball, but I never had the athleticism gene that is critical for playing competitive sports past third-string, B-team football in 8th grade (I ran cross country all through high school, but let’s face it, being in the bottom five runners on the cross country team doesn’t sound anymore athletic). 

In college, I became fascinated with how teams communicate with their fans and the media. This fascination led me to pursue a degree in Public Relations in the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas. After graduating in May of 2015 I looked for a job in sports PR, while beginning to help out with some communication responsibilities at CBC. I realized how much I enjoyed learning and helping CBC communicate not only about events and ministries, but about Christ’s love and transforming power. I joined staff full-time in September 2015.

“My goal for CBC is we point to Christ and His transforming power with everything we do and say.”

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