Romania Update - 7-27-2018

Romania is a truly beautiful country. I think many of us expected to see an impoverished, third world land, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a magnificent country with generous, loving people. Everyone here from the cooks to the kids to the counselors has treated us with more kindness and generosity than we expected. It’s also very impressive to see 7 and 8 year old children who can speak English fluently. I think it’s made a strong impression on many of us, so don’t be surprised if our team comes back wanting to learn more about this beautiful language spoken here. Romania is leaving a truly significant mark on us.

Today was a very special day. We started off like we have every day: breakfast with the campers, quiet time and then chapel. It’s been a really interesting experience worshiping together with the Romanians. They’re very passionate and it’s clear that they genuinely love our Lord. After chapel, our team loaded up in a couple vans and Iulian took us off to see Peles Castle. We ate lunch at an amazing restaurant in the valley of the castle and then walked up the Carpathian Mountains to one of the most beautiful castles any of us had ever seen. Granted, we haven’t seen that many castles between us, but it was still incredible. Then we came back to camp right in time for dinner. After which, we went to probably the best chapel service yet. I couldn’t point out exactly what made it so moving, but it’s been amazing to see God working and changing the lives of these young campers. It will not be easy to leave this place, but i think we will all be leaving with confidence in the fact that God used us to make an impact in the hearts and minds of these beautiful children.