Romania Update 7-26-2018

We had such a beautiful day today. We started with a great testimony from Robert during chapel. And from there we continued to play with the children, getting to know them even better. You guys would be amazed at how well our team is doing despite the language barriers and cultural differences. They are truly making a difference in the lives of these kids here in Romania. After lunch, we took a short trip over to the Princely Court of Targoviste. We got to see where Vlad the Impaler lived as well as many of the other kings of Romania. There was a beautiful monastery, impressive chapel and a very tall tower from which we could see the entire city. When we got back, we went straight up the mountain to a beautiful horse ranch where the kids all got to ride horses, play in the forest and do crafts together. Even though we were rained out, it was one of the most beautiful moments of our trip. Then, after dinner, we had an amazing talent show where a lot of our team played hilarious roles in skits and songs. Chapel was beautiful and then we finished up the whole day with a nice birthday party for Nick. It was an amazing day all around!!