Romania Update - 7.23.18

What a great day! 

We woke up and ate our last leisurely meal with just the counselors. As we finished up, the campers began to arrive. As they steadily came in, we were playing soccer and volleyball with them as well as painting their faces and just hanging out together.

Then we came in for opening ceremonies. There were skits, songs, games and all sorts of fun camp stuff. From there we had lunch, did some crafts, played more soccer and even took some time out for quiet times and group devotionals.

The Romanian counselors are amazing and our teenagers are really clicking well with them. A lot of the kids speak some English, but definitely not all of them. So having counselors who do speak English has been a huge help. After dinner we went to chapel and that was a blast. We played more games, saw more skits and even performed one of our own. There is a camp song we sing every time and we are all starting to catch on to the words already. Nick taught the kids about creation and they really seemed to connect with it. After chapel we played a crazy night game with glow sticks, hidden counselors and a lot of people jumping out from behind bushes. It was a lot of fun.

This first day of camp is in the books and we can’t wait for day 2!!