Romania - Traveling Day

Greetings from Romania! So we have officially started our trip to serve in Romania. We started our journey with an eight hour flight from Dallas to London. Most of us were somewhat energetic after that flight but that quickly died down during the two and a half hour layover. Our flight after that was from London to Bucharest where we met up with Iulian who took us to the camp. When we got there we met all the counselors who are all super cool and had a dinner of pizza and sandwiches. After dinner we spent the remainder of our night playing volleyball with the counselors. After a good nights rest we went to church which was an honor to attend and we felt very welcomed. Nick was asked to share part of his testimony and it was pretty cool to see him share his story with the Romanians. We will spend the rest of the day planning and preparing for the camp this week. ~Dlyan Venter