Romania Team Update - July 25

It’s been such an amazing week! We have had so many meaningful moments here at camp that there’s now way to mention them all. Our team are making great connections with the Romanian counselors and the kids. They’re breaking language barriers and really getting to know them. We have seen a lot of kids accept Christ and many renew their commitment to faith!

We have also been very fortunate to get to go see a few historical sights as well. We visited a beautiful monastery built in the 1600’s where we were led around by a very sweet nun. Yesterday we visited the castle of Vlad the Impaler, one of the greatest and most respected rulers of Romania. We walked in buildings built back in the 1400’s and stood on top of the old guard tower and saw all of Târgovişte.

Then today we went to the Peles Castle which is the Romanian Royal Palace built in the late 1800’s. It’s easily one of the top 5 castles in Europe. So we should be bringing back a group of young adults with new perspectives on the world!

Seriously though, it’s been eye-opening for all of us to fly across the world to teach young people and find that we are the ones who are really learning the most. The name of Jesus is reaching all over this world and we all have a part to play! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Romania Team Update - July 22

What a beautiful country! We have been having the best time so far. After a very long journey and what seemed like a forever layover in London, we made it to Romania. Sunday we spent getting to know the camp and the counselors: playing games, going through training and getting ready for church.

That evening we went to a local church in Târgovişte where our team helped out with a skit and lead worship. I was asked to teach through an interpreter. It was a great service! Today we woke up and got ready for the campers to arrive. While they were coming in we put on some crazy costumes and went a little nuts. Since then our team has been playing games, doing crafts and just getting to know their kids. Many of them speak English, but a lot do not.

Please be praying for the language barrier, that it won’t get in the way of our team sharing the gospel with their campers. Tonight we will have our first chapel service and then a big hide and seek type game all over camp. Everything has been going very smoothly so far so pray that will continue and that it all goes according to God’s will.