Preschool (Serving Birth-Kindergarten)

We take the ministry to our CBC’ers youngest very seriously because we know their time with us is some of their first impressions of a heavenly Father. When we look at them with love and smile to show our affection as we meet their physical needs, we are building a strong bond. This trust transfers to the big God we talk about with such joy and enthusiasm. As a child grows older, we want them to know 3 important things in their very core to be true:

  • God made me.

  • God loves me.

  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Check-in & Security

After checking in, your child will receive a sticker to wear. You will also receive a sticker with the same special code on it. When you show that your sticker codes match, we will release your child back into your care. Your child may be dropped off 15 minutes before service begins (at 9 am and 10:30 am) if a volunteer is already in place and ready to receive them.

We want parents to have peace of mind when they place their child in our care. Our staff and volunteers have been trained and have had background checks before working with children. Our classrooms are led by friendly volunteers that provide a safe and loving environment. We also strive to keep our classrooms clean and sanitary for our littlest friends.

For all weekday activities, if you have to cancel childcare, email Tricia Macias or text at (940) 368-2188.

If you are new to CBC and would like to fill out our registration form before your first visit. Please click on the button below.

Serving in preschool

We love to talk about the different opportunities in our preschool ministry to serve. We need not only small group or classroom leaders, but big-hearted helpers, storytellers, worship leaders, funny hosts and more. We also need a dependable list of substitutes for our regular volunteers to know that when they can’t be there, someone else is loving on their group. Click on the button below to sign up or if you would like to talk with someone to get more details, you can email Tricia Macias.

Parent Dedication

Our dedications are scheduled as needed when our families request them. If you’d like to schedule a parent dedication for your baby or young child, please complete the form below and someone will be in contact with you soon with more details. What a special time it will be sharing your commitment to raise your child to know the love of Jesus and asking your church family to pray and help you accomplish this.

parent Resources

In an average year, we at the church have roughly 40 hours with your child. But we know that you as a parent have almost 3,000 hours to help your child develop strong faith-filled roots and beliefs. So, we do a lot of things to work together with you as a partner like:

  • MONTHLY- we print off special interactive placemats for you to take home. There are activities and ideas of things to do together to review what’s being talked about on Sunday during the week. We will give every family a durable cover so that your child can color on top with washable crayons or marker and it be easy to wipe off.

  • WEEKLY- we email an update we call the Parent Cue. There are important updates and easy to try suggestions that maximize time you already have together like driving and bath time to spark faith conversations at home.

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Preschool teachers, you can click on the button below to download our current month's curriculum.