Nick Robinson

Pastor of Students


I started life as an Air Force kid. My dad was a navigator in fighter jets, so I was pretty blessed to live all around the world: Spain, California, Florida, Philippines, Hawaii, Italy and Germany. After graduating high school, we all moved to Florida where I went to Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, a small Christian college. Ever since a short mission trip to Romania in middle school, I knew that God wanted me to work with kids. I started after college as a high-school English teacher. I did that for two years before I got married to my lovely wife, Rachel. Then we both took jobs at Sky Ranch near Tyler and fell in love with that ministry. I was still teaching and Rachel managed the store. A few years and one baby later, we felt called into church ministry. It’s been a challenging and rewarding adventure serving the local church, but we love it and are especially excited to be here at CBC. For a long time, we’ve looked to belong to a church where we truly fit in and really thrive. We believe CBC is that place. There’s a strong understanding and practice of grace and authenticity we haven’t seen elsewhere.

I’m dedicated to the idea that we are ALL called to be ministers of the gospel, not just pastors. I see it as my job to bring up and graduate ministers, not just Christians. If you bring your student to one of our programs, they’re going to hear about God’s love for them and His call on their life to surrender themselves to His will. I want to be a partner and resource for parents. Parenting teenagers is maybe one of the most challenging things any parent will do in their life so I want to help in any way I can. 

I’ve been a musician since high school and I love playing and teaching all kinds of music: guitars, piano, drums, etc.

I have a very healthy addiction to coffee and I’m not ashamed of it. 

My wife and I homeschool our three beautiful children: Kate, Harper and Cash and even thought it’s pretty difficult at times, we love it!