Moms Together

Moms Together is a group of mothers in a similar phase of life—preschool children, school age children, mothers of teenagers, etc. Moms Together groups meet in round table format with the same women for one to two years, building community that allows you to be known and loved without judgment.

Groups meet either Wednesday or Thursday mornings. Currently, both Wednesdays and Thursdays are on a wait list, but please still sign up if you are interested in either day so that we can put you on the wait list.

Small group leaders are wise, seasoned women of CBC as well as a younger leader who together fosters community and fellowship among the group. Also, a full breakfast will be provided each week (no food contributions necessary).

Childcare, “Kids Together”,is available during the meetings and offers a a fun, safe environment for your kids to play, meet new friends, and learn about God’s love for them.

Relevant topics will be discussed each week directly related to parenting and Christian living, and guest speakers will be provided occasionally.  Meetings will last approximately 2.5 hours. No homework will be assigned.

Registration for the 2019 Fall Semester of Moms Together is now open.