Mike Messerli

Pastor of Men's Ministries

Email: mike@crossroadsbible.org

Hi, my name is Mike Messerli.  I’m married to my sweet wife of over 42 years, Joye. We met at church (big surprise). I was the minister of evangelism and she came forward to trust Christ. She tells people now that she met me and Jesus on the same day but never gets us confused. We have two children and 5 or 6 grandchildren (what do I know, I’m a guy!). I have always loved bicycling and that is how I found CBC the first time (more on that in a moment). I went to John Brown University many decades ago and majored in Biblical Studies. I had planned to major in history and be a teacher, but God had a better idea. Like Steve (our Senior Pastor) I love photography, missions and the people I meet around the world. I love being part of what God is doing in the lives of others. And, if I have a few hours there’s nothing like a good book and a chance to grow in my own faith or read the story of another who has walked with God.

I found CBC riding by on a bicycle. We had just moved to Lewisville to set up a district office for my company and I would decompress after a day at work on the seat of a bicycle. On one of my exploration rides I found CBC. We came the next Sunday and never left. After a few years as a member, they invited me to join the staff. I was glad to take a 50% cut in salary and lose my company car to be part of what God was doing here and I’m still here.

One of my favorite verses in the bible is 2 Timothy 2:2 where Paul tells Timothy to tell others what he told him so they can tell others, etc. That’s how the church grows, one believer sharing with another what he has learned. It’s thrilling to see God work as believers grow and become fully equipped disciples. There is nothing better than working for the King and being part of his staff as the harvest of the world comes to him.

If you want to read some things I write, check out my blog, or you can follow me on Twitter @mjmesserli.