Mexico Mission Trip Update - June 5

Hey everyone! We did it! These last two days have been a whirlwind.

We finished the house and gave over the keys and a Bible to bless the sweet family that lives there now. That evening we had the chance to meet with a local Pastor named Carlos. He told us all about the before and after of a family getting a house, his own testimony and what it’s like being a pastor here in Peñasco. It was so amazing to hear from him and get a flavor of what’s like to live and serve people here full-time. We ended the day with a great discussion around the fire.

Today we were invited to the house we built last year to have lunch together with that family. They made us some delicious ceviche and we ate it like ravenous wolves. Now we are at the beach for the rest of the day to celebrate all the great work these kids have done all week. I was particularly impressed with our one Freshman, Kevin. Despite being the only Freshman, and not knowing anyone else on the trip, he stepped up and did an amazing job! We gave him the honor of handing over the keys and Bible to the family.

This has been an amazing experience for all of us and we will not soon forget all that God has done through us and shown us. Tomorrow we head home with new perspective.

Thanks again for your prayers.