Day 6 - June 20th

Remember that time we took a trip to Mexico to build a house for a lovely family and then finished a whole day early? No? That's because we just did it for the first time! Everything is done and we all are in awe of what God has done through us this week. Today was a great day. We put in all the doors and windows and then spent the rest of the day applying two coats of stucco. In between working hard, we played soccer with the kids at the house and ate an amazing lunch of homemade ceviche. The family made it for us and it was honestly the best many of us had ever eaten. We are about to eat some dinner, play some games and then recap our week and talk about what God has been teaching us during our time here. Tomorrow we will hand over the keys to the Dominguez family and hit the beach. This has been an amazing week and i can't wait for you to talk with your kids about it!