Day 3 - June 17th

Mexico Day 3.jpg

Today was a special day. We woke up casually as the sun rose, had a nice slow breakfast and got our beach gear on. On the way, we stopped at our work site, met the family we are building for and scoped out our tools and materials. We worked with Elizabeth Dominguez, the matriarch of the family, to discuss door and window placement as well as some other additions she wanted. Then we headed over to the beach where we relaxed, swam and stimulated the local economy by getting a lot of temporary tattoos, hair braiding and knick-knacks from all the vendors on the beach. After we were all sufficiently beached out and sunburned, we loaded back up and returned to camp. We ate a lovely dinner and played some games in the cool twilight of this beautiful desert. Then we sat around a roaring fire, sang some songs and opened the scriptures together to close out a magnificent day. And now as the sun is rising on our first work day, everyone is anxious to get our hands dirty and start building this house. Here we go!