Life With God

Life with God Groups will begin again in January 2019. Registration for the spring 2019 semester will be for returning members only. We will have new groups forming in the fall of 2019.

This curriculum explores understanding and partaking in our relationship with God. It starts at the beginning. Examining the first four chapters of the book of Genesis, this study looks at the essence of who we were created to be and how God designed us to function in relationship to Him. Following the creation narrative, the study looks at what happened when sin entered the world and delves into the relational consequences that resulted.

Practical Activities: It is highly experiential which means you are introduced to practices that engage you in relationship with God and others in the Body of Christ. You learn the weekly rhythm of Life with God’s three core components. The Scripture and Teaching Podcasts strengthen your ability to listen to God and others, while the Interactive Projects encourage honest self-reflection and engagement with God in the midst of daily life. Preparation takes up to an 1 ½ hours each week. The weekly meetings will be two hours.