Kim Kerr

Controller & Office Manager


My name is Kimberly Beatrice Jane Swisher Kerr…when you grow up in the rural south; you tend to get multiple names.I go by Kim, Kimmey, Kimbo---but my favorite is Aunt Kimmie.

 Some things about me:I grew up in Tennessee. I came to Texas after graduating from The University of the South, following my two older brothers that live here.I worked at D Magazine in ad sales for several years. I have been on CBC’s staff over 20 years. I am technologically challenged. I am the “puppy Mom” to Lucy & Lulu, Maltese sisters. I love festive. I have been known to be the “birthday bunny” in the office. I plan a Christmas outing for my family every year and act it out, as they try to guess where we are going. I have been a Rockette, a gospel singer, Vanna White, etc.

I love CBC and have since 1992 when I walked in the door to worship. For over 20 years, I have been surrounded by wonderful Godly people. Some have come & gone, but I have considered them all a part of my family. My office family now? They are THE best!

I do all things financial and love my job.

"My goal for Crossroads is that we continue to teach about Jesus. That people come to know Him - it’s a life or death matter. And, we learn and become more like Jesus every day."