Doug Harbord

Facilities Manager

My road to CBC Staff was probably not your usual one, if there is one. Our family, which consists of 4 grown kids, 5 grandchildren and one on the way, have been members since we moved into the new church. I was recruited as a musician by Hal Stewart that first year and have played on and off for 16 years. This year marks my 50th playing “Combustible Vapors” (drums) which has always been a passion.

My day job for 30+ years was in Technology as a sales person and engineer for several large companies. After a early retirement in 2011 from Cisco, I was pulled back into tech but was really looking for something different when God put that right in front of me. It was Andrea Herndon who said to me one Sunday morning backstage” You would be the perfect replacement for Ian Cook since he is retiring.”

"My best God given talents are my hands. As the Facilities Manager I get to test those everyday with something new to fix or improve. My  goal for CBC is is that I can make a difference in the way we shine in our community and that it will bring believers new and established to CBC."