Our classes are short, 4-6 week gatherings on a specific topic or area of theology. While growth isn't just knowing more about God, classes are a great way to learn more about God in short, specific bursts. Typically, we offer one class at a time that meets during one of our service hours at either 9am or 10:45. If you find a topic you want to know more about, sign up online or just show up! 

Spring 2017

Wisdom: Decision Making and God's Will

Loy Warren: 1/15-2/5 - 9:00 a.m. 203A

This is a Biblical, practical class on how a person, young or old, can have good judgment in all areas of life, even if they have mistakes to overcome. The bible is filled with details and stories of life that are intended to make us wise in everything we choose, from daily little things to big, stressful decisions.