The Psalms of CBC

We have enjoyed walking through The Psalms so far this Summer. As we read the Psalms, we are reminded of God's faithfulness to His people. As part of our Psalms series this Summer, we are encouraging our CBC community to write a psalm of their own. We want to put these Psalms together and share them with our community so we can look back and see what God was doing in and through CBC this Summer. You can send them in anonymously or with your name on them, and you can email them here when yours is finished.

Below are two Psalms that have been emailed in already. Read through these psalms and think about what God is doing in your life as you consider your own psalm.

In the midst of the storm, I am afraid, fearful of what may be to come.
I am angry and bitter, consumed with myself and my own needs.
I sense the junk of my life closing in.
I feel helpless and hopeless, overrun with worry.

I want to give back, but I'm inadequate to do so. 
I desire to be secure in the ability to be used by you.
I aspire to grow old gracefully, to quit being consumed with myself.  
I yearn to let go, but I keep taking it back.
I crave to focus on you.  
I long to focus on you morning and night.
I thirst for thankfulness, but I forget to say thanks.
I get caught in my mundane and forget to praise your name.

You are big, you are good, you are GOD.
You are constant, you are Faithful.
You know what I need before the thought enters my mind.
You provide my needs and meet the desires of my heart.
You produce comfort to dry my tears.
You keep me close to you.
You take my worry and it dissipates
Your word illuminates my humaneness and makes me cognizant of my need to depend on you.
You keep showing me your presence.  
Your hand-print is all over my life.
You send angels to comfort me.  
Your spirit calls me into prayer, and I see the works of your hands.  
In this moment, I can not help but to praise your name.

I know well LORD, that only eternity matters.
I know that everything will be ok, even in the midst of uncertainty.
I know that this is but a season, and the storm will pass.
I know that what was then, isn't now, and doesn't control my future.
I know you are the only one with control.
I know that my worry does not change the work of your hands.

FATHER grow me through this.
Help me to listen to your spirit as you nudge.
Deepen my faith.
Hold fast to me.
Turn my prayers to you.  
Give me wisdom.
Place my focus on you.
Use me. Teach me. Move me.
Engage me for your work.
Take me to new heights.
Bring me out of my comfort zone.
Make me your servant.  

– A psalm from one of our small groups


You Lord are generous.
You Lord are kind.
Nothing satisfies like you.
The struggle to wholly believe this is maddening.
Kill the things in me that choose me.
Aliven my chooser of You.
May I be overcome with your patient redeeming grace.
Cause me to release what gets in our way.
You Lord are good. 
You Lord are hope.

– Anonymous