A Shared Memory

I'm not sure why so many memories are food memories, they just are. But a smell or flavor can bring you back to a moment in my life almost instantly. I love that, I love being able to relive a moment through an aroma or flavor. 

I have had the beautiful pleasure of being part of a cooking group the last couple of years. There is something wonderful about being able to share in other people's memories, connecting to their memory in a physical and tactile way, like sharing a meal together. You know someone stronger in this way. Likewise, I've loved being able to share my memories through the tastes of my childhood. It's such a special thing. 

Growing up in the middle of nowhere between Mansfield and Midlothian, my father owned a small convenience store/gas station/barbecue restaurant. It sounds strange, but it was always packed. And in his store, he always carried Mindy Lu's Fried Pies. Mindy might seem like a nobody to you unless you live in South Small Town Texas, and then you've probably seen her pies for sale. Every day the school bus would drop me off from School in front of our store or I would go in and get my after-school snack, and then walk home. On too many occasions to count my snack was a Mindy Lou fried pie. It's total and complete comfort at its best with more calories than I care to think about. 

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to love on some of our school teachers and show them a little appreciation, and without a second's hesitation, my mind went to Mindy Lu's Fried Pies, because to me they spell love. And to be able to share them with others was almost as sweet as eating one myself. Do not be mistaken, I totally ate one, but I'm just saying that giving them away was quite nice too. 

More often than not, I mess up and live my life more for me than for Christ. But when I get it right, it always involves me giving a little bit of myself and sharing myself and my love with others. And I'm always glad I did.

– Chantel