Seeing God's Grace in Others

I have a tangible reminder of God’s grace to me each day. It’s not that there aren’t tons of those everywhere we look, but this particularly poignant one comes in the form of my wife, Jaime. It’s not that I intentionally take her for granted per se, but perhaps more like the line from the country song, “don’t forget to remember me,” sometimes I forget to remember just how gracious He has been through my wife. 

Relationships between humans always involve two sinners. Many people comment on this election cycle that we are stuck with the lesser of two evils, to which my reply is always, “Every election is always the lesser of two evils. Humans are evil.” The fact of the matter is that Jaime and I have and will continue to sin against one another though we strive not to, but this doesn’t make God’s gift any less impactful. 

I have sinned. I deserve hell. So even when I am sinned against, and want to join in the chorus of elementary school students everywhere, saying, “that’s not fair,” I am reminded that fair is not what I want. I want mercy and grace. God has shown me both of these things in a myriad of ways, but Jaime stares me in the face each morning and is the last person I speak to at night. 

What is beautiful about marriage is the picture of the relationship between God and His church. Jaime annoys me at times and can be infuriating (though I know it’s reciprocal), and each time I am reminded of just how often I am childish in my relationship with God. 

Jaime loves me in spite of me, not just like God, but like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in her love, I can see a shadow of the true form with which He loves. Yet even if she didn’t, I made a vow before the Lord and He entrusted her to me. He called me also to be a picture of His love, whether there are good times or bad, should she run, to run after her; should she be adulterous, to be the Hosea to her Gomer, just as He has run after me so very many times.

“We must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up” 
– Galatians 6:9

So, may I be kind, patient, loving, and gentle, seeking to do good and never forgetting to remember what a wonderful gift of grace she is.

- Andy