My Favorite Time of Year

I am leaving in a couple of days to take several kids to Kids Camp for a week. Kids Camp is honestly my absolute favorite time of year, which is surprising since I generally hate the outdoors, bugs and sweat.

I remember my very first kids camp, and how I completely fell in love with it. I fell in love with watching kids unashamedly worship, watching kids fall in love with Jesus for the first time on their own - I just fell in love with kids separating themselves from Mom, Dad, technology and being completely themselves. It's a really beautiful and cool thing. We lose all of that as adults, and it is so sad.

Iremember when I first started in Children's Ministry. I was actually the Youth Intern when our Children's Pastor left, and the Senior Pastor came to me and asked if I would consider being the Interim Children's Pastor. He told me he thought I'd be great at it. I looked at him as though he had seven heads, but he totally saw something I didn't. I absolutely love it. I love Children's Ministry. I love watching kids connect to and accept Christ like only a child can. I love creating lessons for kids to fall in love with the magic and wonder of scripture. I can't imagine doing Youth Ministry today.

So, in just a couple of days I will leave for my very favorite time of year, doing everything I hate most, camping, outdoors, bugs, sweat, and loving every single minute of it.

- Chantel