Worship at CBC

Have you ever been to a GOOD concert?

You know…the kind where everyone is on their feet singing along at the top of their lungs, hands in the air being moved by the music, some of them even dancing? I’ve been to those concerts. People would even try to sing songs they didn’t know, catch on to the chorus the first time so that the next time through it, they could join in. This is what we are striving to cultivate at CBC. Whether your favorite artist is Elvis or Bruno Mars, The Beatles or Coldplay, we are singing with a much greater purpose than concertgoers! We are praising our King!

Another thing I noticed was that people who couldn’t sing (some of them my friends) would be hoarse by the end of the night. Self-conscious in any other setting, they were willing to sing because it was loud! I have found, over time, that when people can hear themselves sing, most won’t. They think that since they hear themselves, the person next to them most certainly can as well. So, they start lip syncing more skillfully than Britney Spears at the last VMAs of her career because heaven forbid they look like they’re not singing! 

During worship at CBC, our goal is to create an atmosphere where people can sing if they want, or pray, or dance, or raise their hands, or kneel. We want to create an atmosphere where people can worship our great God and King unhindered by the cares that so often stop us from doing so. Because He is worthy.

Hallelujah, He lives!

- Andy