Sharing God's Love

“It’s amazing how much can be communicated, even with a language barrier.”

- One of the high school girls on the trip

The high school students and I are in Mexico this week working with Amor Ministries building three houses. Out of the group, only two speak Spanish.

We fumble around trying to remember the Spanish we took in high school as we try to talk to the owners about window and door placements. Even through confused faces and failed attempts, our students are learning that spreading the love of Jesus can happen in many different ways – from playing and laughing with the kids, to laying concrete – everything we do doesn’t require that we speak the language, It simply requires our willingness to serve in humility. That’s as true at home, as it is here.

As I left one team’s site last night, I saw two kids running around, laughing and smiling in their halfway-finished home. Their first home. The first home they’ve ever had because of the willingness of 45 people to adventure to the desert to share the goodness of our God.

- Jonathan