Creatively Showing Jesus to Others

One of the hardest things I think Christians struggle with today is finding creative ways to show Jesus to others. Sure we can go serve at an organization or volunteer at Church, but when it comes to showing Christ to others around us in everyday life, it can be difficult.

Maybe it is my lack of imagination or the business of life that hinders this, but when you really see it, you can’t help but scream “YES!!!”. I came across this story about Jessica Eaves that screams for us all to take notice and dream about letting God truly saturate every part of our lives.

Last month Jessica was grocery shopping in Oklahoma when she realized that her wallet was gone. A couple aisles over she found the man she suspected of taking it from her. She said, “As I saw him, a scripture came to me from Luke, which basically says 'If someone should take your cloak, you should give them your shirt as well.’

When she got to the man she said that he had two options: one – to give her back her wallet, she would forgive him, and he would let her pay for his groceries. Two – she would call the police. As they walked to the front the man started weeping and apologizing for what he had done. She paid both their groceries and gave a friendly good‐bye as they left the store.

Following Christ does not exempt any part of our lives – including our imaginations. In one of the more confusing verses in scripture, Jesus tells his disciples to be “as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) In our day, one cannot follow Jesus without being sharp and creative in the ways to show Jesus to others. It could be as awkward as confronting a man about stealing your wallet. 

- Jonathan