Everyone Has a Part to Play

As we go through this sermon series, I couldn't help but think about how worship looks at CBC. I know, I know. All my posts are about music, but hear me out. Each of us has different giftings, like we're all part of an orchestra. If we all played french horn, it would be one boring world. But, God gave us each different gifts, so we could use them to edify one another.

This is why we are earnestly seeking volunteers to get involved and play their parts of the orchestra...literally. you may have noticed Kristi leading last weekend, or you'll see Hall getting back up there again soon. They have both been gifted greatly, and we are blessed because they are willing to use their gifts to serve the body.

If you play instruments or sing, please email worship@crossroadsbible.org so that we can get you set up for the next audition. We are also looking for people who would like to serve in a less musical role, in sound or video, as well as anyone who would like to provide breakfast every so often on Sunday mornings. The team has to get to CBC bright and early every Sunday for rehearsal, so we bring in food, and we'd love for anyone who has the spiritual gift of cooking to NOT hide it under a bushel. Let it shine!

I love you and continue to be amazed at what God is doing among us at CBC.

- Andy