The Belly Button

I recently had a friend point out how grateful he was that the Body of Christ has people that are each so specialized in their gifts and talents that we all benefit. He referenced 1st Corinthians 12:12-27 with each person having a unique role to play that the entire body might be built up. I reflected on it for a little bit and how it pertains to us at CBC.

We have such a unique and diverse body, and I am grateful for each part. Joel and John run sound. Steve, Charlie and Mike speak. DLynn has ministered to my wife already. Chantel and Amanda are really good at loving on kids. Ian and Steve rock the facilities. There’s a greeting team, a worship team, a grief ministry, a prayer team, and the list goes on and on and on. Each of us has a special role to play. For some, that is cooking food for a family going through a hardship, for others, it’s donating money or time to people in need, and still others, just encouraging people in Christ or praying for them. I can’t help but think of a different friend also pleading with people to serve saying, “we (as the body of Christ) can’t be fully we without you being fully you.” He was imploring people to look to use what they had been given to love and serve one another because each person playing their part is like a symphony of wonderful music.

In that Spirit, I’d encourage each person reading this to get involved with us here at CBC. May we not be spectators, but rather players in the greater body. There are so many places to invest in the Kingdom at CBC, some of which may not even have been thought of yet, but each member has been given a unique set of experiences, talents, and personality that they might build us up and make us a better representation of our great God and King. May we press on to that which He has set before us. What an opportunity and privilege that God would allow us to be His hands and feet! There is a true richness to be found in serving others selflessly with what we’ve been given. May we not miss out!

- Andy