One of the most abundant treasures I have found at CBC is a wealth of wisdom. I see this wisdom when I look in to the faces of those who have loved God through the difficulties of life and found God to be good and faithful. They have learned the secrets about how to be good parents and good stewards of their money. They have learned to love their spouse well. They create margins in their lives, rather than falling prey to the temptation to overload their schedules. They know how to refuse temptation when it’s thrown into their lap. They have learned the secrets of a happy life – gaining wisdom at any cost (proverbs 4:7-8).

Everyone has someone who comes to mind when they hear the term “old fool.” I don’t want to be an old fool. The thing about wisdom is that it takes time to grow in it. We grow wise over the course of years. When someone has repeatedly rejected the opportunity to grow in maturity and understanding, they are foolish. An old fool has no other option but to be a fool – there is not sufficient time remaining to gain wisdom. Wisdom is gained from walking with the older generations who are wise.

Take some time today to read Proverbs 4 and the words of the song below:

I've learned to look for answers in those born before my time
As I listen to them tell me what they've learned in their lives
I talk to friends with understanding much deeper than my own
And gain wisdom beyond measure I could never find alone

If we walk with the wise we will grow wise …
If we walk in the light then our path will be bright I know
There's someone who's already been where we must go
In the light of what they've learned we find
That we will grow wise if we walk with the wise

One life can be a candle with wisdom as its fire
And every life touches with its flame is set ablaze

- Steven Curtis Chapman

- DLynn