I want the church to be a place that inspires thought. We give answers and applications but shy away from tensions and the unknown. We read the Bible with the black-and-white lenses we wish the world operated in, only to discover frustration when the clear-cut application can’t seem to find it’s way into our not so cut-and-dried lives. Sometimes it seems like a square peg in a round hole. 

I want us to be better at talking about tensions. I think the beauty of tensions – of the things we know to be true but aren’t quite so sure how they play out in the real world – is they help us wrestle with what it means to practice our faith. When we talk about the tensions, we ask better questions and we find deeper growth. 

My hope is this blog is a place to help you think, to dive into the tensions of our faith in the not so black-and-white world of the every day. 

Some writers will be pastors and some won’t, but each of us will be striving to look more like Jesus every day. We will write about our faith and about what we are learning, as we wrestle through the tensions in our lives.

It's a blog, not a novel. Let’s face it, you don’t have thirty minutes to read another blog that wants to be a novel. We are aiming for short and to the point. You’re welcome. 

So read, laugh, hopefully think, and dive into the tension with us. May it inspire conversation. 

- Charlie