Update From Sammy

I can't believe that a year has already passed since we started Country Fellowship. I have to say, it has definitely been the hardest thing Julie and I have ever done in our lives. In spite of the difficulty, through it all, it has been absolutely worth it. We spent our first ten months at Stults Road Community Church, meeting on Sunday evenings. Three longtime friends rotated as Speaking Pastors, with Bill Rector and a few others speaking from time to time.

Sunday nights proved to be very hard on us and our church family. We are very excited that we now meet on Sunday mornings at 9:50 a.m. at Ten50 Barbeque, on North Central Expressway, in Richardson. The change in location has been a huge win. It is a cheerful, relaxed and bright location, which has encouraged our regular attenders to invite visitors. We have almost doubled our weekly attendance and have had numerous visitors every Sunday since we moved.

Another big win and stress reliever was to have Bill Rector agree to speak on a more regular basis. As Crossroads Bible Church knows, Bill is a very gifted speaker, and our new church family has really taken to him. Thanks for letting us borrow him for a while.

We kicked off our new location with a concert by Michael Martin Murphy. The music was wonderful, but was pleasantly surprised by the depth of his testimony. We had over 200 people attend that service.

We would appreciate your prayers concerning an outreach to our new community. We are starting Beach club in a nearby elementary school. This program is similar to Young Life and has proven to be a blessing to the children and their families who are involved.

As the church begins to grow, our next focus is getting people involved in small groups. Please pray that leaders and people of interest will come forward.

At the same that all of this is going on, we're praying that God will lead us to a permanent pastor for our church.

It encourages us that people are praying for us and our church as we are praying for Crossroads.

- Sammy Davenport