The five most amazing words.

What are the five most amazing words you can think of?
Think about it and give it a try.
Here's a few that may stimulate your thoughts....

“You just won the lottery!”

“Your terminal cancer is gone!”

“Your newborn is perfectly healthy!”

I'm sure your five words are brilliant. I just listed a few to get these thoughts started, but what if the most amazing five words of all time are simply an afterthought to the one who said them?

What if you read five words that you know are profound but the one who said it saw it as a small thing?

What would you think of someone who sees amazing deeds as simply an afterthought? How awesome would that person be? The five word phrases I've listed above all appeal to us because they speak to needs, hopes and dreams, but what five words could God say that would impress you?

In the bible God has written five words that should make you stop and say, "wait a minute...what was that?" They astonished me the first time I saw them. And with these five words God says something about Himself, His power and His view of man.

You're ready, aren't you? What are they? Here's the passage,

Gen. 1:6 "God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also."

In this verse is the story of creation and specifically the creation of the sun and moon, but at the end of the verse are five words that should make you pause, "He made the stars also." Just like that, five words, almost an afterthought. How awesome is this God who says, "I made the sun and the moon to give you light....oh yeah, and I made the stars too."

We still can't measure the number of stars. They are more than we can imagine. Trillions of stars, suns, planets and solar systems are included in these five words. Do you realize what that means? God is big, powerful, awesome, amazing, omnipotent (All powerful), and could have made trillions more without a thought. That is one powerful God!

Now, in my tiny, little life on this tiny, little planet, if the God who loves me, tells me about Himself and sent His son to give me life is so powerful that the stars are an afterthought, how could I ever think He can't or won't take care of me? How could I look at the stars at night and ever wonder if He's able to help me?

In five words God has said He's more powerful than you can ever imagine and He has promised to care for you and be with you if you will trust Him. I'm blown away by that reality...the God who made the stars wants to be in relationship with me! That leaves me speechless....and it’s that God who wrote,
“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.”
Our study in John in the weeks ahead is a study about the God who made the stars showing up on our little planet. Crying, hugging, laughing, healing, touching, and dying. As we study John, don’t miss the reality of who this Jesus really is…HE’S GOD!

- Mike