Sin nature displayed in our kids

Yes, our kids are sinners. They are total self-interested, self-centered, self-preservers. And let me ask, are we really that different? My kids acting like total heathens, is a complete and total reminder of my own heart. I’m thinking of all the barbarianistic things my kids have done and wondering if the reason it makes me so angry is because of the way it so mimics the sin of my own heart. No matter the age, whether your preschooler is screaming, crying and stamping their feet to get their own way, or your teenager is manipulating the situation to work to their advantage. Sin always comes out of a place of selfishness. And, when I am yelling at my child in anger and frustration, I’m putting my own anger over their need for understanding correction. Not that I’m at all saying that our kids don’t need to be punished. They do. They need to be taught, corrected and redirected about a billion times a day. In fact, I say, when in doubt correct a bit more. But maybe, just maybe, we are also in need of some correction. Maybe our kids are God’s gentle nudging of the correcting that needs to be done in our own hearts. Because all too often, my kids' attitudes tend to match the attitude I’ve been modeling.

- Chantel