"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.”
Psalm 116:15

It’s the first day of the new year and a dear friend, saint and member of our church family, Susan Fischer, went home to be with the Lord today. It happened very quickly in fact, but it took years. I’ve spent many hours in the hospital with Susan and her husband Larry as she dealt with more than a decade of battles with cancer.

As I think about the hundreds of dear people I’ve buried as a pastor I think back on a long list of anonymous saints. Anonymous to the world at large, but greatly loved by us and by the Lord. These are people of little note to the world, but are precious saints to God. Susan was one of those dear saints.

A few years ago I spoke at my dad’s funeral and noted that, for the most part, he was unknown to the world. In fact the only time his name made the newspapers was in his obituary. There are many of us like that. Seemingly unimportant and invisible people to the world, but to God….

….Oh what a different story! To God Susan’s name was written in the book of life before God ever made the heavens. She was loved and sought out by the Lord, and when she finally trusted him she was a saint that others hoped to emulate. I don’t think I’ve ever known someone who has gone through such a difficult life and done it with such grace and joy.

Even in the hospital I would find her smiling, cracking jokes, making my spirits rise as she dealt with chemotherapy and many surgeries.

Precious. That’s the word God uses to describe her death. She was and is precious to him and I know she was to Larry, her family and to anyone who knew her.

Will many know the name Susan Fischer? Probably not. But they will never know what they missed.

- Mike