Be A Blessing (Part 2)

One of my favorite stories in all of scripture is found in John 4. In the well known and often told story, an outcast woman encounters Jesus while getting water. It's a popular text for lots of reasons - Jesus breaking social norms in about ten ways, the hope of the gospel seen through Christ inviting in the social outcasts, the sheer idea of life found in Christ, and the coffee cup tag line of living water -- but my favorite part is at the very end.

The story ends with the woman running and telling others about an encounter she had with the Messiah. Bit by bit throughout their conversation, Jesus shattered the woman's view of religion, worth, and God's purposes. As He told her of the life He came to bring, He reminded her of God's goodness and purpose in her life. Simply put, Jesus blessed her through a conversation and her response was to run and tell others of the blessing.

In last week’s blog (check it out HERE) we started the discussion of what it means to be a blessing. We defined blessing as passing on God’s goodness as we remind each other of His purposes.

As a church, we bless others because we understand God's goodness. Sunday all of CBC will gather in one space at 10 a.m. to talk about blessing. One of our goals will be to remember the ways we have seen God’s goodness, but we need your help. Spend some time looking at how we have been blessed. Talk about it with your husband, wife, children and friends and send in one or two ways you see blessing in your life to

Like the woman, our hope is to leave Sunday running, proclaiming, and sharing blessings with those around us. We bless others because we have been blessed. Our good points to a greater God and the life he came to bring.

Last week we shared 10 ways to bless people around you. Below are about 75 more ways to share God's goodness and purposes with those around you. Find one, two, or three and be a blessing. Gather your friends, family or neighbors and point others toward God's good purposes -- they are all around us.

- Charlie

75 Ways to be a blessing



Rake leaves
Clean off driveway and/or walkway
Plant winter flowers
Buy potted plants
Repair a shared fence together
Wash their cars
Offer to care for pets
Stay outside longer than normal and watch for opportunities to connect
Walk your dog at the same time daily and meet others
Play outside with your children and invite the neighbor kids to play


Take a meal to a neighbor
Invite a neighbor to your home for dinner and listen to their story
Share a favorite bottle of wine
Bake them a favorite dessert or pie for a holiday
Bake cookies and share them
Bring coffee to a friend
Deliver a basket of in season fruit and vegetables
Invite someone to your Thanksgiving table
Give away restaurant gift cards
Prepare a meal with your children and share it
Host a game night
Host a neighborhood barbeque
Host a regular neighborhood open meal night


Invite their kids to your home while the parent or parents go out
Give the kids something they’d love to receive

Just Because

Offer to pray for something you know their struggling through
Ask them how you could be praying for them
Invite another family out for dessert and coffee
Send a nice card to someone for no particular reason
Listen to someone without saying a word
Give a larger tip than normal and tell them why
Be nice to someone when you don’t feel like it
Find a need and meet it
Take a busy mom to coffee and arrange a babysitter
Pay for someone else’s gas
Participate in the HOA meetings
Organize a clothing drive with your kids over Thanksgiving Break
Create a block/ street email and phone contact list for safety
Host a sports game watching party
Organize and host a ladies artistic creation night
Organize a tasting tour on your street (everyone sets up food and table on front porch)
Host a movie night and discussion afterwards
Start a walking/running group in the neighborhood
Volunteer to coach a local little league sports team
Say yes to parties hosted by neighbors and bring gifts
Do a food and coat drive with all the neighbors
Art Swap night with neighbors
Write a thank you letter to a mentor
Hand out waters on a local fitness trail
Volunteer to clean up at the local school
Find someone younger than you and offer to help them with something
Give a gift card to someone that you’ve struggled to get along with
Take someone out to dinner that holds beliefs in another religion than you
Think of a way to remind yourself to bless others daily


Go visit a nursing home and take flowers
Go visit a nursing home and ask a resident for a story
Help an older person hang a picture, fix a lamp or anything they can’t do on their own

Work Place

Buy a co-worker lunch and listen to their story
Go to work early and spend time praying for your co-workers
Write a note to someone who has helped you in the last month
Organize a work day to volunteer at a local charity
Bring breakfast to the office
Ask someone you typically wouldn’t hang out with out for coffee or a drink
Don’t just complete your task at work, but seek others out to help with theirs
If you manage people surprise them with an extra day off


Challenge your family for the rest of November to give away as much money as you
spend going out to eat
Take time to visit, call, or FaceTime family that you haven’t in a while
Find a new way to serve at church
Take your spouse out for a date
Meet the families involved in your kid’s extracurricular activities
Choose to go to one of your kids games rather than work
Take each of your kids out one night to do whatever they want


Cook your family dinner one night
Take your siblings out one night and give your parents a break
Ask if you can complete any of their errands for them
Give your teacher(s) a note telling them how much you appreciate what they do
Ask your teacher if there is anything you can help with after school or during your study hall block.
Take your best friend out to eat
Put notes in your friend’s locker telling them they are loved
Sit with someone at lunch you normally don't
Volunteer in a extra curriculum activity/department for one week
Find someone younger than you to mentor and pour in to
Bring donuts to your first block/period one day
Take someone out to dinner that holds beliefs in another religion than you
Write an anonymous encouragement letter to your enemy
Offer your friends a hand with something they are involved in
The next time you see your janitor at school, say thank you and get to know them more