Be A Blessing

The idea of blessing is woven throughout the scriptures. We see the first example of blessing in verse 22 of Genesis chapter one, where God pronounces blessing over the creatures of the sea and earth as he instructs them to be fruitful and multiply, the same blessing He pronounces over man in the culmination of the creative narrative in verse 28. Beginning in the very first chapter of the scriptures we see blessing as an empowering fulfillment of all God intended for his creation; we see it as a means of God passing on his good purposes.

In the New Testament, blessing finds its meaning in two words -- Makarios and Eulogeo -- the words together point to fulfillment and happiness stemming from a life found in God's good purposes as we attest to His intrinsic goodness. In both the Old and the New Testaments, blessing is the simple idea of God's goodness passed on as we remind each other of His purposes for those around us.

For the past few years at CBC we've gathered together in one service on a Sunday morning around the day we all eat turkey. As we gather, we want to be reminded of the goodness of God through the testament of those around us. We want to remember how a good God has blessed us and reflect on our calling to pass on those purposes to those around us.

The past two years we've focused on serving those in need as we've taken boxes of food to ours surrounding areas. It's been amazing to see CBC serve, "GO" and reach out as an expression of God's love through boxes of food. This year, we want to shift our focus to the greater idea of blessing.

When we think of service we think of felt need, but blessing is simply the act of passing on God's good purposes to those around us, even if we don't see a felt need. As the church, we are called to be reminded of God's goodness and bless others. From creation forward, we were to pass on God's good purposes, His peace and fulfillment, to those around us as we reflect His goodness. We bless out of an overflow of God, not need.

In the next two weeks, we are going to talk a lot about blessing. Our goal is to encourage and inspire our community at CBC to find a way to bless someone around them. To help start the process, we've compiled a list of tangible ways to bless. Let's start with 10, then next week we will share 50 more.

As we reflect on God and worship together in one space on November 15th, I hope we are all encouraged. I hope we see God's goodness. I hope we pass on his good purposes to a world that so desperately needs to be blessed.

- Charlie

Ways to Bless --

1) Rake the leaves of a neighbor
2) Offer to care for someone's pets who you know needs help
3) Walk your dog at the same time each day with the purpose to meet and know those around you
4) Play outside with your kids and invite the neighbors to play
5) Prepare a meal with your children and share it
6) Deliver a basket of seasonal fruit and vegetables
7) Invite someone to your thanksgiving table
8) Listen to someone without saying a word
9) Pay for someone else's gas
10) Write a note to someone telling him or her you've been praying