I have been working on a blog for my personal site this week on adoption. I really wanted to write about how hard it was, and it was (and sometimes it still is so very, very hard). The mind games it can play on you can leave you a mess on the floor, but as I started to write my blog for my CBC family, the part that really speaks to me about all of it, in light of who we are in Christ, is that we are all adopted. Adoption has been hard, but I've completely made this child mine, and not by any strength of my own, no, if that were the case I probably would have thrown my hands in the air and given up after about the third month. My only ability in this process has been through Christ, and it's shown me exactly who we are in Him. The blood running through our veins, nor some signature on a piece of paper makes this kid my child. She is mine because I said that day, with my husband and children, that we take responsibility for her. We take responsibility for her actions – for her successes and failures – let the praise or judgment fall on us. We said that day that we promised to care for her, fight for her, love her, and do right by her. We as a family made a commitment to sacrifice for her. That is what makes her our child. I would lay down my life for this child, and yet, my love is so selfish and tainted. If my flawed and imperfect love for her, my child, is just the smallest glimpse of Christ's love for us, then it is indeed "too lofty for me to attain" (Psalm 139:6).

- Chantel