Thoughts on the Election

 As early voting started this week,  I’ve watched, listened and read much about both candidates.  This is a most difficult year for our country.  It’s a year when I think I’ve seen more fear in the Christian world than I have ever seen before.  Fear from both sides!

When fear is so pungent that you can smell it in the air I always take a moment to recalibrate, to center on what I know.  So, here are few things I know even when it seems “the sky is falling.” (Chicken Little reference for you old folks.)

I know that God rules the nations.  He is seated on the throne and rules no matter who is ruling our country.

I know that God raises leaders and puts down leaders.  They all rule with his permission.

I know, as scripture says, that God directs the hearts of the king and moves it wherever he wishes.

I know he can change the rulers.  Look at Daniel 4 if you need a reminder of what God did with one of the worst kings of history.

I know that he watches over the times and his children.  We are safe in his hands until the day we have finished our mission.  

I know that my task of trusting him goes on no matter who rules my country.  

When the election is over and we have a new President, a new leader of our country, whoever it is….God will still be on the throne and we can still trust him.

Rest in that.