Bible Cafe

Registration for Spring 2019 Bible Cafe is currently underway. You can join a Bible Cafe group at any time. Bible Cafe for the Spring begins January 16th.

Click on the link below to register.

Bible Cafe is a group of women who focus on a more structured Bible study with a possible DVD and workbook homework to complete. Time for building community within the group will be integrated into the schedule. Homework for each study will be moderate. A full breakfast will be provided each week for groups meeting Wednesday mornings at CBC (no food contributions necessary). Weekly meetings will last approximately 2.5 hours. 

The costs for each study is listed below. This includes all curriculum & materials. We don’t want finances to exclude anyone from participating – please let us know if you need a scholarship. There is childcare available for an extra cost.

The studies we are offering this semester are as follows:

  • Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore. Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:30 ($16):

This study provides a personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this in-depth women's Bible study of Esther - a profile in courage. Join Beth in a very personal examination of this great story of threat and deliverance as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to our lives today. If you've ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study for you. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther's day, it's tough today. This portion of God's Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

Childcare is available for this study. Spots are limited. If  childcare is needed, we cannot guarantee a spot for your child until payment is received.  

  • Holy Spirit Here and Now by Trevor Hudson. Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30 PM ($15)

This study is about opening yourself to the gift that God extends to you already. Trevor Hudson says, "The Holy Spirit is deeply at work within you, right at this moment, wherever you are." Hudson, a beloved pastor and speaker, shares his own struggles and joys in seeking to be more responsive to the Holy Spirit. He invites you to open yourself to this gift of God. In this book you will discover who the Holy Spirit is, what the Spirit does, what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit can bring you alive to God, deepen your relationship with God and other people, teach you to pray and transform your life. Realize the power of God's presence right here, right now.

  • In His Image by Jen Wilkin Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30 PM

We will be exploring ten characteristics of who God is—holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise—this book helps us understand who God intends for us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of the image of God, we will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow his will and are conformed to his image.

  • Young Mom's Bible Study: This is a time for moms with young children to build community while integrating the study of scripture and soul care, including some spiritual disciplines. This year, we will inductively study the Book of Ephesians. Childcare is provided with a small fee. There is no cost for materials If you are a mom of young children, click on the button below to register or, if you have questions, you can email DLynn at