Andrea Herndon

Assistant for Worship & women


I’m Andrea, and I’ve been attending CBC since 1992 (when I was 12)…okay, maybe not 12, but I’m certainly not as old as Ian Cook! My husband Mark and I have been married for almost 29 years and have a daughter, Natalie, who is just finishing her freshman year at Oklahoma State, our alma mater…Go Pokes! We moved here with no family close by, so I’ve loved how CBC and the people here have become our local family over the last 24 years. The cool thing is my mom moved to the area about 6 years ago and now she’s a member here at CBC. 

I’ve been very involved in the worship ministry for the past 24 years as a volunteer, but have now had the privilege of serving on staff for the past 7 years. My role has gone from part-time worship assistant to adding events coordinator and women’s ministry assistant to my responsibilities making me full-time in 2013.  

I love our church and the people here and how God uses us, messy lives and all, to bring people to Christ and to walk alongside them as they walk through the mess, showing them grace and love along the way. I love that community is something we value and encourage here at CBC, and I am blessed to be a part of helping others connect within our body.

"My goal for CBC would be that we would always be a safe community for anyone to enter where they would receive grace and friendship from the body here no matter where they may be in their walk with God…whether they’re searching or have been following Him for a long time."