Amanda Crum

Preschool Coordinator


My family moved to Texas during my 8th grade year. In high school I met a cute boy and followed him to Crossroads. I was not a Christian at the time and I often joke that my love for a boy brought me to church. However, it was sitting in the services that the Lord called my name, and I saw His Word as the only truth. I dove into any Bible study I could find and started getting to know Him on a more personal level. That boy who I followed to CBC asked me to marry him and Tyler and I said “I do” in an upstairs room at CBC in 2006. Since then our family has grown with 3 amazing children, Benjamin, Noah and Waverly. 

One of the first places I became involved serving the church was in the preschool area. I have always loved working with children, and I knew I could use that passion and my skills to contribute to our body. This spurred me on to begin teaching at a local pre-school during the week, eventually earning my CDA credential.  For several years I lived and breathed preschool. When the Childcare Coordinator position opened up at Crossroads I knew it was right up my alley and Tyler really encouraged me to apply. I am so thankful they offered me a job and I could not be more blessed to be a part of this amazing staff. They are such a genuine group of people with a love for the global church as well as our small branch of that community. It’s a fun group to be a part of!

"My goal for our childcare ministry at CBC is to show the love of Jesus to children in their early years as we feed and equip their parents to be the spiritual leaders of their homes."